Bringing Up Baby: Books For All Parents

Bringing Up Baby: Books For All Parents

Behind every happy, well-adjusted child is a long-suffering parent navigating the wild world of child care.

These books may not solve your parenting challenges, but they promise to shed some light and tips on raising healthy, happy children of different ages.

This Children’s Day, we celebrate not only the children who have filled our lives with happiness and purpose but also the unsung heroes, you the parent, who is always faithfully there behind the scenes.

When expecting your bundle of joy, you may have excitedly done the necessary reading to prepare yourself for the nine-month journey before your life would change forever. Once the baby arrives, new parents may be overwhelmed facing the different challenges that each day brings.

Whether you are a first-timer, or it is not your first rodeo proudly donning the parent hat, you are not alone. There is an avalanche of information from family, friends, social media and medical staff on the topic of parenthood that can sometimes confuse more than comfort. Take a time-out of your own and dig into these books written by experts and backed by research.


The first precious years from newborn to tot


Children learn through play. This concept is widely understood, and the role of play in a child’s development has been viewed as a subject of great interest by the academic world, including renowned expert Peter Smith who has researched and written widely on children’s play. He examines how different ages and genders take part in physical activity play, fantasy play and imaginary friends and play with objects in Children and Play. Play in early childhood and the significance of play in helping children with special needs is also discussed in great detail. Parents will discover a new and significant understanding of the purpose of play in every child’s social, mental and intellectual growth.

 Children and Play - 9780631235224

 "Children and Play" - Read More 👈


    Is letting a baby cry out more harmful than beneficial to its growth? Will eating sugar make a child hyperactive? Will you be spoiling your child if you spare the rod? These and more popular myths about children are addressed in Great Myths of Child Development. The authors have written the book specially for parents who find themselves at the receiving end of conflicting advice from family, friends, professionals and even social media. More current issues like childhood vaccines are also covered in accessible writing that features pop culture references and examples from Game of Thrones, Modern Family, Mad Men and more, are backed by academic research and evidence-based treatment advice.


    Great Myths of Child Development - 9781118521236

    "Great Myths of Child Development" - Read More 👈


    A baby’s first word is one big milestone. Anxious parents who worry about their baby’s speech development will find comfort in Helping Children Find Their Voices. This easy-to-digest book is written in a friendly and reassuring tone that addresses all concerns you may have about language development, including the age-old debate about screentime and pacifiers. Parents will find practical advice backed by theory to support communication and activities that are easily integrated into everyday interaction with children to help them progress in their speech.


    Helping Children Find Their Voices 9781032151731

    "Helping Children Find Their Voices" - Read More 👈


    Want to learn along with your tiny tot? The e-course Enhancing Language Development in Childhood may give you the confidence that you are doing all you can when it comes to your child’s growth. This fun, user-friendly and self-paced online course will open the world to how children learn to process language and become proficient speakers and thinkers. Starting from the newborn stage, you will learn how to communicate with your baby and build its communication skills before it starts forming words.


    Support your child's development without stress (Suitable for parents with children above 1 year old)

     E-Learning Course - "Support your child's development without stress (Suitable for parents with children above 1 year old)" - Read More 👈


    Navigating through the stormy seas of teenagerhood

    A parent’s work is never done, despite the age of your child, and this is especially true during the trying times of older children who are starting their journey of self-discovery.

    Bullying is an increasingly important topic for those with school-going children. According to the Ministry of Education in Singapore, two bullying incidents per 1,000 primary school students and five per 1,000 secondary school students were reported in 2020. However, there has been a general rise in awareness of the different types of bullying, from physical to online. Children and Bullying: How Parents and Educators Can Reduce Bullying at School can help concerned parents understand the issue at hand and pick up effective strategies for combating bullying among children and preventing such situations.


    Children and Bullying - How Parents and Educators Can Reduce Bullying at School - 9781405162548

    "Children and Bullying - How Parents and Educators Can Reduce Bullying at School" - Read More 👈


    A first that solely focuses on parental supervision of children’s media use that goes way beyond setting up nanny controls for your computer and TV, Screen-obsessed: Parenting in the Digital Age is one book that addresses the very concerns of the modern-day parent. With discussion of theories and issues of parental mediation, parents will discover an educated insight on pertinent challenges, including whether and how to control a child’s online and social media use and educating children on the dangers of digital media when the children themselves become more savvy and comfortable with technology.


    Screen-obsessed: Parenting In The Digital Age - 9789811203862

    "Screen-obsessed: Parenting In The Digital Age" - Read More 👈


    Parenthood is a journey and growing alongside your child means continuous learning to try to understand the challenges and concerns your child will experience in each stage of life. More parenting books that cover every topic of child rearing are available here. 👈

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