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Discover new and amazing books to read with title search at your fingertips with Content Binded.  

Our Mission

  • To connect our readers of different levels with the right contents and, with minimal effort.

Our Vision

  • To match for our readers relevant contents so he/ she can get to the heart of it quickly, thus allowing knowledge to be harnessed most effectively.

At Content Binded we operate in a way where results presented are most beneficial to our readers who may be professionals in their own fields or are planning to enter a new profession.  It could also be simply for knowledge.

We understand the need to receive critical data in a timely manner.  It could make a difference in having that edge in the market.

So, we offer recommendations on carefully curated titles that you may otherwise not be aware of.

The information we provide are derived from interviews with Industrial Leaders, by observing current market trends and checking the bestseller ranking from third parties such as the New York Times.

We do try to go that extra mile for our readers, always!