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Paperback By Geoffrey Pleyers
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Contrary to the common view that globalization undermines social agency, ‘alter-globalization activists', that is, those who contest globalization in its neo-liberal form, have developed new ways to become actors in the global age. They propose alternatives to Washington Consensus policies, implement horizontal and participatory organization models and promote a nascent global public space. Rather than being anti-globalization, these activists have built a truly global movement that has gathered citizens, committed intellectuals, indigenous, farmers, dalits and NG

Os against neoliberal policies in street demonstrations and Social Forums all over the world, from Bangalore to Seattle and from Porto Alegre to Nairobi. This book analyses this worldwide movement on the bases of extensive field research conducted since 1999.

Alter-Globalization provides a comprehensive account of these critical global forces and their attempts to answer one of the major challenges of our time: How can citizens and civil society contribute to the building of a fairer, sustainable and more democratic co-existence of human beings in a global world?

Product Details

Format: Paperback, 272 pages Language: English
Dimension: 22.91cm x 15.29cm x 2.49cm ISBN10: 074564676X
Weight: 508g ISBN13: 9780745646763
Publication Date: 03 Dec 2010 Publisher: Polity Press

About Author

Geoffrey Pleyers is Research Fellow at the University of Louvain.

Product Reviews


"The question of how we can change the world cannot easily be answered, but Geoffrey Pleyers has shown masterfully in this beautifully written and finely researched book that the way we now imagine those answers in changing, in part because of the way the alter-globalization movement has altered our understanding of ourselves as global citizens." Henrietta L. Moore, Archives of European Sociology "What is missing from much of today's media coverage of the Occupy Wall Street movement and related international struggles against corporate globalization and Western imperialism is the question of where these movements have come from and why they've all emerged at this particular time. Geoffrey Pleyer's book makes an important contribution to addressing the prehistory of the Occupy protests, and it can inform those participating in these struggles as well as students and scholars of social movements." Jackie Smith, Mobilization "Pleyers reconsructs the 'grammar' of the movement beyond the habitual dichotomies of reform/revolution, action/structure, unity/heterogenity, and instead seeks to value the diversity of the movement through the social meanings shared by the actors that compose the alter-globalization movement in its struggle against neoliberal ideology." International Sociology "An impressive book that demonstrates the differences of opinion over what a transnational movement like the alter-globalisation movement shoul do to change the world and what changing the world could look like." Australian Journal of Political Science "Provides an excellent overview of the main debates within the movement through a meticulously constructed research programme … [Pleyers'] thorough and balanced account of the development of alter-globalisation offers an immensely valuable resource for both researchers and activists." Capital & Class "Now that it looks as if neo-liberalism has run its course, the resulting cracks and fissures give breathing space to alternative movements and hybrid experiments. Pleyers' book opens up some vistas of these developments in the middle of a serious crisis, and does it from the ground up." Contemporary Sociology "The kind of book that students of the alter-globalisation movement have been waiting for years for … An indispensable read for anyone - students, academics, activists or politicians - who is looking for an elaborate and sophisticated discussion of some of the most crucial political issues of our time." Journal of Democratic Socialism"Utterly convincing and theoretically robust .


. This kind of scholarship is what the alter-globalisation movement and indeed the world deserve." Giuseppecaruso's Weblog"This important book is the first scholarly account of the alter-globalisation movement. This highly original analysis of the way the moveme


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