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I am Not a Brain

Hardback By Markus Gabriel, Christopher Turner
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Product Description

Many consider the nature of human consciousness to be one of the last great unsolved mysteries.

  Why should the light turn on, so to speak, in human beings at all?

  And how is the electrical storm of neurons under our skull connected with our consciousness?

  Is the self only our brain’s user interface, a kind of stage on which a show is performed that we cannot freely direct?

  In this book, philosopher Markus Gabriel challenges an increasing trend in the sciences towards neurocentrism, a notion which rests on the assumption that the self is identical to the brain. Gabriel raises serious doubts as to whether we can know ourselves in this way. In a sharp critique of this approach, he presents a new defense of the free will and provides a timely introduction to philosophical thought about the self – all with verve, humor, and surprising insights. Gabriel criticizes the scientific image of the world and takes us on an eclectic journey of self-reflection by way of such concepts as self, consciousness, and freedom, with the aid of Kant, Schopenhauer, and Nagel but also Dr. Who, The Walking Dead, and Fargo.

Product Details

Format: Hardback, 240 pages Language: English
Dimension: 23.37cm x 16cm x 2.79cm ISBN10: 1509514759
Weight: 499g ISBN13: 9781509514755
Publication Date: 11 Sep 2017 Publisher: Polity Press

About Author

Markus Gabriel was born in 1980 and studied in Heidelberg, Lisbon and New York. Since 2009 he has held the chair for Epistemology at the University of Bonn; and with this appointment he became Germany's youngest philosophy professor. He is also the director of the International Center for Philosophy in Bonn.

Product Reviews


"Challenging the lofty claims of many neuroscientists.



Markus Gabriel has written a wonderfully polemical work. Its clearly developed arguments and lively examples are highly convincing." Die Welt"It is a rare gift to be able to philosophize from first principles in a way that is neither patronizingly derivative nor technically arcane and in a manner that is accessible to the general reader. But Gabriel possesses that gift in bucketloads." Simon Critchley, New School for Social Research"Markus Gabriel is a speculative wunderkind." Neue Zürcher Zeitüng"Gabriel's engaging, accessible and incisive introduction to the philosophy of mind tackles the deep problems raised by both classical thinkers and modern neuroscience. Bringing the zombies and homunculi of the philosophical debates together with the Daleks and Fargo, it is as illuminating as it is enjoyable."Dr. Sacha Golob, King's College London "Nowadays, 'The Brain' has taken over all the attributes with which the Modernity endowed 'the Subject.

' Against this travesty, Markus Gabriel makes subjectivity as such prominent again and, by so doing, maybe, helps us make better sense of the brain as well."Jocelyn Benoist, Université Paris 1 Panthéon-Sorbonne"Gabriel shows up the flaws and contradictions in reductive theories of mind, based on natural science. His many-facetted argument, where the technical terms are explained in an engaging and available language, with frequent references to contemporary science fiction films and stories, culminates in a powerful vision of 21st-century humanism."Charles Taylor, Emeritus Professor of Philosophy, Mc

Gill University"Only 37, Gabriel is demonstrating that German philosophers can find a wide audience — without being merely slick or superficial."Foreign Policy


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