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Is the American Century Over?

Hardback By Joseph S. Nye, Jr.
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Product Description

For more than a century, the United States has been the world's most powerful state. Now some analysts predict that China will soon take its place. Does this mean that we are living in a post-American world? Will China's rapid rise spark a new Cold War between the two titans?

In this compelling essay, world renowned foreign policy analyst, Joseph Nye, explains why the American century is far from over and what the US must do to retain its lead in an era of increasingly diffuse power politics. America's superpower status may well be tempered by its own domestic problems and China's economic boom, he argues, but its military, economic and soft power capabilities will continue to outstrip those of its closest rivals for decades to come.

Product Details

Format: Hardback, 152 pages Language: English
Dimension: 19.81cm x 13.21cm x 1.65cm ISBN10: 0745690068
Weight: 290g ISBN13: 9780745690063
Publication Date: 13 Mar 2015 Publisher: Polity Press

About Author

Joseph S.Nye, Jr.  is University Distinguished Service Professor and former dean of the Harvard Kennedy School of Government

Product Reviews


"A professor at the Harvard Kennedy School and one of the most esteemed analysts of world affairs, Nye has been countering declinism for a quarter century, beginning with his 1990 book Bound to Lead. The brevity of his latest text belies its sweep, and judging by the reception it has received, even among those who are considerably less optimistic about America's prospects.


.one suspects it will endure as a central text of the anti-declinist oeuvre." Ali Wyne, American Interest"In his clear, short, and closely reasoned book, Nye presents a far different view of American power, making some unfashionable but compelling arguments. Nye believes that the American century is far from over and that for the foreseeable future, the United States will retain a unique ability to shape global events." Â Walter Russell Mead, Foreign Affairs"Nye outlines each issue briskly, with economy and precision, creating an ideal primer for anyone wishing to better understand the global stage and where America stands on it." ÂLA Review of Books"Nye does the great service of examining this claim in his new book, Is the American Century Over?, giving a subtle analysis in terms of hard power (military and economic) and soft power (a concept introduced by Nye to refer to an attractive practice, at least a model or ideals such as liberty or democracy)." ÂHuffington PostÂIs the American Century Over?

 is an excellent book that will help students of international affairs think carefully about the world and AmericaÂs opportunities and challenges in the 21st century. ItÂs brief, succinct and provocative." ÂThe Washington Diplomat"Academics and political junkies will probably breeze through Is the American Century Over? But the book is so well-written and accessible, general readers are likely to find it engaging and insightful as well. At its core, policy-oriented research and writing should strive to inform not just specialists or experts, but the public at large, making Nye's contribution to debates about America's purported decline that much more important."ÂHuffington PostÂThis short, well-argued book offers a powerful rebuttal to America's premature obituarists.

ÂÂThe EconomistÂA pioneer in the theory of soft power and the dean of American political scientists, Nye knows geopolitics. In his new book, Is the American Century Over?, Nye makes a strong case that American geopolitical superiority, far from being eclipsed, is still firmly in place and set to endure. And the biggest threat isnÂt China or India or Russia–it's America itself.

ÂÂTime ÂIn this short, thoughtful book, Nye presents his case convincingly. It is a case that policy makers should ponder carefully.

ÂÂHuffington PostÂThe United States will likely remain the world's predominant power for many decades to come, Joe Nye concludes in his insightful new book. This welcome prediction is tempered by NyeÂs warning about key challenges that could yet lead to American decline, most notably, political dysfunction at home.

ÂÂThe Boston Globe ÂUS declinism can be overdone. In an excellent new essay asking Is the American Century Over? the Harvard scholar Joseph Nye points up America's enduring strengths  economic, demographic and geogra


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