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Israel Since the Six-Day War

Hardback By Leslie Stein
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Product Description

Completing his acclaimed trilogy on the history of Israel, Leslie Stein brings readers right up to contemporary events in Israel Since the Six-Day War. Stein vividly chronicles Israel's wars and military engagements, but he also incorporates fascinating assessments of many other issues, including Israel’s economic development, the nature of the PLO and Palestinian Authority, and Israeli settlements in the West Bank and Gaza. Furthermore, Stein explores broader social issues, such as extremist Jewish movements and the varying fortunes of migrants from Russia and Ethiopia, to convey clearly a sense of the diversity and complexity of modern Israel.

Wide-ranging and judicious, Stein's cogent and compellingly readable account of Israel’s recent past will engage students and general readers alike.

Product Details

Format: Hardback, 456 pages Language: English
Dimension: 22.61cm x 15.75cm x 4.32cm ISBN10: 074564726X
Weight: 816g ISBN13: 9780745647265
Publication Date: 01 Jul 2014 Publisher: Polity Press

About Author

Leslie Stein was educated at the London School of Economics, and was associate professor at Macquarie University, Sydney, Australia until his recent retirement. He is the author of The Hope Fulfilled: The Rise of Modern Israel and The Making of Modern Israel, 1948-1967. He served as the editor of Praeger Press’s series on Israeli and Jewish Studies in 2003-6, and has been an academic visitor to the economics department of the Hebrew University, Jerusalem on a number of occasions.

Product Reviews


ÂLeslie Stein, professor at Macquarie University in Sydney, in this lucid, learned and authoritative study of modern Israel, debunks the contention that the searing Arab-Israeli conflict is premised over conflicting territorial claims.

 >  > ÂStein chronicles IsraelÂs wars and con flicts, but also vividly portrays its achievements. Despite threats to its survival, its adherence to liberal-democratic ideals remains intact. Despite its size its literary figures and scientists are regular recipients of Nobel Prizes. It boasts the highest density of start-up companies in the world with more listed on the New York NASDAQ exchange than all of Europe. This is an invaluable study of this intriguing nation.

 >  "SteinÂs narrative is highly readable, and provides good behind-the-scenes context to the many pivotal events dotting IsraelÂs history."International Politics Reviews"This lucid, learned and authoritative study of modern Israel, debunks the contention that the searing Arab-Israeli conflict is premised over conflicting territorial claims. It is an invaluable study of this intriguing nation."  Tribune"This is a clearly written, objective look at Israel today in all of its complexity and diversity. Anyone interested in modern history will learn a great deal by reading it."Jewish Book Council"This book, in completing the authorÂs trilogy on the history of Israel, deals with the events, both domestic and foreign, that accompanied the Jewish state from 1967 until the present. Through the use of well-researched, concise and autonomous chapters, Leslie Stein has produced a book that both combines an increasingly infrequent amalgamation of history and analysis, and succeeds in maintaining the interest of the reader throughout." International Affairs "SteinÂs masterful account of IsraelÂs history since the Six-Day War is well worth reading. Novices wishing to get a firmer understanding of the complexities of the Arab-Israeli conflict as well as those well versed in the subject stand to gain immeasurably by adding this well-researched, scholarly text to their collections." Frontpage Magazine "Stein provides a detailed analysis of IsraelÂs wars, as well as Palestinian terrorist attacks, since 1967, with brilliant anecdotal information about the key players involved,and the impact of major historical events on the social and political fabric of Israel." Canadian Institute for Jewish Research "Of the making of books on Israel there is no end, but it is refreshing to read a new book, Israel since the Six-Day War, written by Leslie Stein. It provides an up-to-date broad survey,  precisely and clearly written, of the struggle of Israel to overcome the Arab aggression against it." The American Thinker "Stein gives a thrillerish (sic) outline of the difficulties faced by the fledgling state of Israel. For an Irish reader it can be bracing to come across an account of the last 40 years of conflict which is resolutely skeptical about the Palestinian cause." Irish Examniner "Stein's book distinguishes itself clearly from the larger number of books on this topic .


. by reading the history of Israel from 1967 to today as the struggle of the Jewish State for its survival in a ferociously hostile environment." Patrizia Carratta, University of Salento "This account of Israel in war and peace during these difficult times is exceptional. Professor Stein treats IsraelÂs successes and its failures with equal care, and brings massive evidence to support his judgments. He has taken to heart the ground rule of historiography, which is to describe things as they really are. This has to be the beginning of wisdom where the Middle East is concerned." David Pryce-Jones, former senior editor of National Review, former literary editor of the Financial Times and of the Spectator and author of The Closed Circle "Beautifully written, informative and authoritative, this book is a little treasure that ought to be read by all those interested in Isra


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