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Paperback By Stephan Käufer, Anthony Chemero
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Product Description

A classic in its field, this comprehensive book introduces the core history of phenomenology and assesses its relevance to contemporary psychology, philosophy of mind, and cognitive science. It provides a jargon-free explanation of central themes in the works of Husserl, Heidegger, Sartre, and Merleau-Ponty. From artificial intelligence to embodiment and enactivism, Käufer and Chemero go on to trace how phenomenology has produced a valuable framework for analyzing cognition and perception, whose impact on contemporary psychological and scientific research, and philosophical debates, continues to grow.

New to this second edition are a treatment of nineteenth-century precursors of experimental psychology; a detailed exploration of Husserl's analysis of the body; and a discussion of the work of Aron Gurwitsch and other philosophers and psychologists who explored the intersection of phenomenology and Gestalt psychology. The new material also includes an expanded consideration of enactivism, and an up-to-date examination of current work in phenomenologically informed cognitive science.

This is an ideal introduction to phenomenology and cognitive science for the uninitiated, and will shed new light on the topic for experienced readers, showing clearly the contemporary relevance and influence of phenomenological ideas.

Product Details

Format: Paperback, 288 pages Language: English
Dimension: 22.86cm x 15.24cm x 2.54cm ISBN10: 1509540660
Weight: 476g ISBN13: 9781509540662
Publication Date: 21 May 2021 Publisher: Polity Press

About Author

Stephan Käufer is John Williamson Nevin Memorial Professor of Philosophy at Franklin and Marshall College.

Anthony Chemero is Distinguished Research Professor of Philosophy and Psychology at the University of Cincinnati.

Product Reviews


“Käufer and Chemero have written a superb introduction to phenomenology, not merely as a chapter in intellectual history or as a gallery of great thinkers, but as a living tradition in philosophy, psychology, and cognitive science.”Taylor Carman, Professor of Philosophy, Barnard College, Columbia University“A sparklingly clear and widely insightful introduction to phenomenology for beginners – which, if we are phenomenologists, includes all of us. Highly recommended.”Gayle Salamon, Professor of English, Princeton University

Praise for the first edition:

“A remarkably thorough and comprehensible account of the history of phenomenology that offers illuminating commentary on the work of Kant, Wundt, Husserl, Heidegger, Gestalt psychologists, Merleau-Ponty, Sartre, and Gibson.”Hubert Dreyfus, Former Professor of Philosophy, University of California, Berkeley


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