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Plural International Relations in a Divided World

Paperback / softback By Stephen Chan
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Product Description

The world is troubled and full of misunderstandings. It seems a new world order of fundamentalist violence and meaningless atrocity is upon us, whilst civilised instruments for cooperation and compromise are becoming increasingly ineffective.

In this timely book, Stephen Chan explores the historical and philosophical roots of difference and discord in the international system. He begins with the introduction of the Westphalian system, showing how, throughout the 20th century, new states - from the Middle East, Asia and Africa - entered that system with reservations, preconditions, and great efforts to introduce new forms of concerts and congresses but without seriously challenging the international status-quo.

By contrast, the 21st century has brought turmoil and change in the form of militant Islam - be it the Taleban, Al Qaeda, or ISIS - whose varied roots and fluid emergence have so far prevented the West from being able to understand and combat it. Developing Kissinger's suspicion of Saudi Arabia as an Islamic state in Westphalian dress, Chan argues that what is at stake today is not the development of a new Caliphate or an old radicalism - but the effort to supplant and replace the Westphalian system itself. This is the complex and challenging reality to which a truly modern and persuasively relevant plural international relations must now adapt. Whether it can do so remains to be seen.

Product Details

Format: Paperback / softback, 240 pages Language: English
Dimension: 150 x 20 x 226mm ISBN10: 1509508686
Weight: 318g ISBN13: 9781509508686
Publication Date: 16 Jan 2017 Publisher: Polity Press

About Author

Stephen Chan OBE is Professor of World Politics at SOAS University of London. A former international civil servant, he has recently held the inaugural Konrad Adenauer Stiftung Chair of Academic Excellence at Bir Zeit University, and the George Soros Chair of Public Policy at the Central European University.

Product Reviews


"This book is vintage Chan. In characteristically brisk and accessible style, it offers, among many things, a new way of thinking about difference at play in international relations and in International Relations. I especially like Chan's consideration of a question that concerns many: is the Daesh/ISIS difference a threat to the state system as we understand it? (Hint: probably not.

)" Christine Sylvester, University of Connecticut and Gothenburg University, Sweden (affiliate) "Stephen Chan is a rare voice of originality in the study of international relations. He also writes well, a relatively unusual trait in a subject befogged by jargon. Chan cuts through the thickets to make a clear and impassioned plea for more openness and intellectual honesty in the subject. In the process he tells a rattling good yarn, with marvelous character portraits, momentous events and synthesis of very difficult ideas, all in clear language. I can only applaud him for it." Andrew Williams, University of St. Andrews, UK


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