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The Crisis of the Institutional Press

Paperback / softback By Stephen D. Reese
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Product Description

As polarized factions in society pull apart from economic dislocation, tribalism, and fear, and as strident attacks on the press make its survival more precarious, the need for an institutionally organized forum in civic life has become increasingly important. Populist challenges amplified by a counter-institutional media system have contributed to the long-term decline in journalistic authority, exploiting a post-truth mentality that strikes at its very core.

 In this timely book, Stephen Reese considers these threats through a new conception of the ‘hybrid institution’: an idea that extends beyond the traditional newsroom, and distributes across multiple platforms, national boundaries, and social actors. What is it about the institutional press that we value, and around what normative standards could a hybrid institution emerge? Addressing these questions, Reese highlights how this is no time to be passive but rather to articulate and defend greater aspirations. The institutional press matters more than ever: a reality that must be communicated to a public that depends on it.

 The Crisis of the Institutional Press is an essential resource for students and scholars of journalism, media and communication.

Product Details

Format: Paperback / softback, 208 pages Language: English
Dimension: 135 x 20 x 216mm ISBN10: 1509538038
Weight: 295g ISBN13: 9781509538034
Publication Date: 06 Nov 2020 Publisher: Polity Press

About Author

Stephen D. Reese is the Jesse H. Jones Professor of Journalism at the University of Texas at Austin.

Product Reviews


"In many countries, professional journalism is in crisis, undermined by a perfect storm of collapsing business models and political attacks on its authority to speak the truth. Reese shows how institutional power matters deeply for journalism’s crucial public role, but he goes further, by showing how such power now depends upon assemblages of actors far beyond the traditional newsroom. A fresh and exciting account that takes the field in new directions." Andrew Chadwick, Loughborough University   "Reese delivers an insightful analysis of the crisis of the modern press, and shows how journalism is reinventing itself in these challenging times for democracy." W. Lance Bennett, University of Washington"a state-of-the-art survey of a news eco-system always in the process of becoming."Journalism & Mass Communication Quarterly"This book is particularly valuable for practitioners, students, and scholars who are interested in journalism, media, political science, and communication in general.


. Compared to other recent academic publications, this book offers a more holistic view of the definition, typology, and research on news institutions. This important work shows scholars and students a rigorous analysis of the current crisis within the institutional press during challenging times for democracy."International Journal of Communication


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