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The Financial Crisis

Hardback By Howard Davies
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Product Description

There is still no consensus on who or what caused the financial crisis which engulfed the world, beginning in the summer of 2007.

A huge number of suspects have been identified, from greedy investment bankers, through feckless borrowers, dilatory regulators and myopic central bankers to violent video games and high levels of testosterone among the denizens of trading floors. There is not even agreement on whether the crisis shows a need for more government intervention in markets, or less: some maintain that government encouragement of home ownership lay at the heart of the problem in the US, in particular.

In The Financial Crisis Howard Davies charts a course through these arguments, and the evidence advanced for each of them. The reader can thereby assess the weight to be attached to each, and the likely effectiveness of the remedies under development.

Product Details

Format: Hardback, 240 pages Language: English
Dimension: 23.62cm x 16cm x 2.26cm ISBN10: 0745651631
Weight: 485g ISBN13: 9780745651637
Publication Date: 30 Jul 2010 Publisher: Polity Press

About Author

Sir Howard John Davies is the current Chairman of the Royal Bank of Scotland and the former Director of the London School of Economics. He also teaches courses on the regulation of financial markets and central banking at the Paris School of International Affairs at Sciences Po.

Product Reviews


"Balanced, succinct, authoritative and remarkably comprehensive."The Times "In this eminently readable account of the current crisis, Howard Davies writes with a wealth of experience." The Oldie "Financial crisis is a many-headed hydra and unravelling its causes a Herculean task. In The Financial Crisis: Who is to Blame?, Howard Davies makes significant progress."Times Higher Education "An admirable summary of issues for normal people who have a life outside finance."Evening Standard "Davies' expertise and nuance regarding the crisis shines through and provides a fascinating account of a situation we shall hopefully never see again."Business Destinations "An excellent primer." Financial World "It's hard to think of anyone better qualified than Howard Davies to evaluate the competing arguments about what caused the worst financial crisis and recession since the 1930s." Robert Peston, Business Editor for BBC News "Davies offers the most comprehensive post-mortem yet of the Great Crisis -- essential reading for those who are trying to fix a still precarious post-crisis world."Stephen S. Roach, Chairman‪ of Morgan Stanley Asia "Howard Davies' lucid and panoramic account of the financial crisis and the reasons for it is crisply and entertainingly written. It is a great primer for anyone hoping to understand how a complex set of causes united to lead to the near-collapse of global finance in 2008."John Gapper, Associate Editor and Chief Business Commentator, Financial Times


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