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War and Political Theory

Paperback / softback By Brian Orend
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Product Description

In a world that continues to be riven by armed conflict, the fundamental moral and political questions raised by warfare are as important as ever. Under what circumstances are we justified in going to war? Can conflicts be waged in a ‘moral’ way? Is war an inevitable feature of a world driven by power politics? What are the new ethical challenges raised by new weapons and technology, from drones to swarming attack robots? This book is an engaging and up-to-date examination of these questions and more, penned by a foremost expert in the field. Using many historical cases, it examines all the core disputes and doctrines, ranging from realism to pacifism, from just war theory and international law, to feminism and the democratic peace thesis. Its scope stretches from the primordial causes and perennial drivers of war to the cyber-centric space-age future of armed conflict in the 21st century. War and Political Theory is essential reading for anyone, whether advanced expert or undergraduate, who wants to understand the pressing empirical realities and theoretical issues, historical and contemporary, associated with armed conflict.

Product Details

Format: Paperback / softback, 240 pages Language: English
Dimension: 137 x 18 x 213mm ISBN10: 1509524975
Weight: 295g ISBN13: 9781509524976
Publication Date: 19 Mar 2019 Publisher: Polity Press

About Author

Brian Orend is Professor of Philosophy at the University of Waterloo.

Product Reviews


"War and Political Theory is an essential work that brilliantly elucidates the core principles shaping our understanding of the ethics and politics of conflicts. With keen theoretical analysis and vivid examples, Orend unpacks the most complex issues in present and future warfare."Shannon E. French, Case Western Reserve University"By starting with trying to understand the ontology of war - what we actually mean by this value-laden term - Orend sets up a useful foundation from which to develop some rich analysis of the ethical challenges posed by both the changing character of war and its enduring nature. The different perspectives offered by the familiar lenses of realism, pacifism and the just war theory are employed to structure the analysis and unpack those ethical challenges. Throughout, Orend’s deep knowledge of the literature and debates, both internal to each tradition and between them, illuminates the subject and informs the reader."David Whetham, King’s College London"I do recommend [this book]. Its accessible style . . . clear writing, interdisciplinary nature, stock of detailed examples and choice of topics will make it a useful introduction or textbook for classes concerned with normative approaches to war."Ethics"War and Political Theory exhibits relative impartiality, in-depth subject-matter expertise, and a daring spirit of discovery that make reading the book a worthwhile investment of time and inquiry."Naval War College Review"The book is an excellent read for anyone interested in the topic."The Journal of Moral Philosophy


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